User identification

The user identification for all queue managers in a set can be changed. The user identification can be overridden when you add a new remote queue manager.

The user identification preferences are part of the Preferences dialog, and they can be opened in the following way:
  1. Click Windows > Preferences.... The Preferences dialog opens.
  2. Expand WebSphere MQ Explorer.
  3. Expand User identification. The default user identification settings dialogs are now accessible.

Select Enable default user identification to enable the Userid and Password fields.

[V8.0.0.4 Oct 2015]
Item Description
Enable user identification Select Enable user identification to enable the fields on this dialog.
User identification compatibility Mode When selected, the userid and password are passed to the server in a way compatible with security exits created prior to IBM® MQ 8.0.
Userid The userid and password, when specified, are passed to the server, and can be used either by:
  • The queue manager, if configured to use connection authentication, or
  • A server security exit, if using a client connection
to establish the identity of the MQ Explorer user.
No password When selected, no password is passed to the server with the userid.
Prompt for password When selected, the user is prompted for a password that is passed to the server with the userid. The prompting occurs as part of the connect operation.
Use saved password When selected, the saved password is passed to the server with the userid.
Saved password The saved password to be passed to the server with the userid