Message monitoring

Message monitoring is the process of identifying the route a message has taken through a queue manager network. By identifying the types of activities, and the sequence of activities performed on behalf of a message, the message route can be determined.

As a message passes through a queue manager network, various processes perform activities on behalf of the message. Use one of the following techniques to determine a message route:

  • The IBM® MQ display route application (dspmqrte)
  • Activity recording
  • Trace-route messaging

These techniques all generate special messages that contain information about the activities performed on the message as it passed through a queue manager network. Use the information returned in these special messages to achieve the following objectives:

  • Record message activity.
  • Determine the last known location of a message.
  • Detect routing problems in your queue manager network.
  • Assist in determining the causes of routing problems in your queue manager network.
  • Confirm that your queue manager network is running correctly.
  • Familiarize yourself with the running of your queue manager network.
  • Trace published messages.