MQMD - Message descriptor

The following table summarizes the fields in the structure.

Table 1. Fields in MQMD
Field Description Topic
StrucId Structure identifier StrucId
Version Structure version number Version
Report Options for report messages Report
MsgType Message type MsgType
Expiry Message lifetime MQMD - Expiry field
Feedback Feedback or reason code MQMD - Feedback field
Encoding Numeric encoding of message data Encoding
CodedCharSetId Character set identifier of message data CodedCharSetId
Format Format name of message data Format
Priority Message priority Priority
Persistence Message persistence Persistence
MsgId Message identifier MQMD - MsgId field
CorrelId Correlation identifier CorrelId
BackoutCount Backout counter BackoutCount
ReplyToQ Name of reply queue ReplyToQ
ReplyToQMgr Name of reply queue manager ReplyToQMgr
UserIdentifier User identifier UserIdentifier
AccountingToken Accounting token AccountingToken
ApplIdentityData Application data relating to identity ApplIdentityData
PutApplType Type of application that put the message PutApplType
PutApplName Name of application that put the message PutApplName
PutDate Date when message was put PutDate
PutTime Time when message was put PutTime
ApplOriginData Application data relating to origin ApplOriginData
Note: The remaining fields are ignored if Version is less than MQMD_VERSION_2.
GroupId Group identifier GroupId
MsgSeqNumber Sequence number of logical message within group MsgSeqNumber
Offset Offset of data in physical message from start of logical message Offset
MsgFlags Message flags MQMD - MsgFlags field
OriginalLength Length of original message OriginalLength