MQIIH - IMS information header

The following table summarizes the fields in the structure.

Table 1. Fields in MQIIH
Field Description Topic
StrucId Structure identifier StrucId
Version Structure version number Version
StrucLength Length of MQIIH structure StrucLength
Encoding Reserved Encoding
CodedCharSetId Reserved CodedCharSetId
Format MQ format name of data that follows MQIIH Format
Flags Flags Flags
LTermOverride Logical terminal override LTermOverride
MFSMapName Message format services map name MFSMapName
ReplyToFormat MQ format name of reply message ReplyToFormat
Authenticator RACF®™ password or passticket Authenticator
TranInstanceId Transaction instance identifier TranInstanceId
TranState Transaction state TranState
CommitMode Commit mode CommitMode
SecurityScope Security scope SecurityScope
Reserved Reserved Reserved