MQCIH - CICS bridge header

The following table summarizes the fields in the structure.

Table 1. Fields in MQCIH
Field Description Topic
StrucId Structure identifier StrucId
Version Structure version number Version
StrucLength Length of MQCIH structure StrucLength
Encoding Reserved Encoding
CodedCharSetId Reserved CodedCharSetId
Format MQ format name of data that follows MQCIH Format
Flags Flags Flags
ReturnCode Return code from bridge ReturnCode
CompCode MQ completion code or CICS EIBRESP CompCode
Reason MQ reason or feedback code, or CICS EIBRESP2 Reason
UOWControl Unit-of-work control UOWControl
GetWaitInterval Wait interval for MQGET call issued by bridge task GetWaitInterval
LinkType Link type LinkType
OutputDataLength Output COMMAREA data length OutputDataLength
FacilityKeepTime Bridge facility release time FacilityKeepTime
ADSDescriptor Send/receive ADS descriptor ADSDescriptor
ConversationalTask Whether task can be conversational ConversationalTask
TaskEndStatus Status at end of task TaskEndStatus
Facility Bridge facility token Facility
Function MQ call name or CICS EIBFN function Function
AbendCode Abend code AbendCode
Authenticator Password or passticket Authenticator
Reserved1 Reserved Reserved1
ReplyToFormat MQ format name of reply message ReplyToFormat
RemoteSysId Remote CICS system Id to use RemoteSysId
RemoteTransId CICS RTRANSID to use RemoteTransId
TransactionId Transaction to attach TransactionId
FacilityLike Terminal emulated attributes FacilityLike
AttentionId AID key AttentionId
StartCode Transaction start code StartCode
CancelCode Abend transaction code CancelCode
NextTransactionId Next transaction to attach NextTransactionId
Reserved2 Reserved Reserved2
Reserved3 Reserved Reserved3
Note: The remaining fields are not present if Version is less than MQCIH_VERSION_2.
CursorPosition Cursor position CursorPosition
ErrorOffset Offset of error in message ErrorOffset
InputItem Reserved InputItem
Reserved4 Reserved Reserved4