API reason codes

The reason code parameter (Reason) is a qualification to the completion code parameter (CompCode).

If there is no special reason to report, MQRC_NONE is returned. A successful call returns MQCC_OK and MQRC_NONE.

If the completion code is either MQCC_WARNING or MQCC_FAILED, the queue manager always reports a qualifying reason; details are given under each call description.

Where user exit routines set completion codes and reasons, they should adhere to these rules. In addition, any special reason values defined by user exits should be less than zero, to ensure that they do not conflict with values defined by the queue manager. Exits can set reasons already defined by the queue manager, where these are appropriate.

Reason codes also occur in:
  • The Reason field of the MQDLH structure
  • The Feedback field of the MQMD structure
The following is a list of reason codes, in numeric order, providing detailed information to help you understand them, including:
  • An explanation of the circumstances that have caused the code to be raised
  • The associated completion code
  • Suggested programmer actions in response to the code