Behavior that has changed between version 7.0.1 and version 7.5

As IBM® Advanced Message Security became a component in WebSphere® MQ 7.5, some aspects of IBM WebSphere MQ AMS functionality have changed, what might affect existing applications, administrative scripts, or management procedures.

Review the following list of changes carefully before upgrading queue managers to version 7.5. Decide whether you must plan to make changes to existing applications, scripts, and procedures before starting to migrate systems to IBM WebSphere MQ version 7.5:
  • IBM WebSphere MQ AMS installation is a part of WebSphere MQ installation process.
  • IBM WebSphere MQ AMS security capabilities are enabled with its installation and controlled with security policies. You do not need to enable interceptors to allow IBM WebSphere MQ AMS start intercepting data.
  • IBM WebSphere MQ AMS in WebSphere MQ version 7.5 does not require the use of the cfgmqs command as in the stand-alone version of IBM WebSphere MQ AMS.