Preparing the system

On some operating systems, you might have to complete several tasks before you install IBM® WebSphere® MQ depending on your installation platform. You might also want to complete other tasks, depending on your installation intentions.

About this task

The tasks that you perform to prepare your systems for installation are listed here. Complete the appropriate tasks for your platform before installing.


  1. LinuxUNIXOn UNIX and Linux® systems, set up the user and group. See Setting up the user and group on UNIX and Linux systems
  2. LinuxUNIXOn UNIX and Linux, create file systems. See Creating file systems on UNIX and Linux systems
  3. Configure additional settings for your platform:

What to do next

When you have completed the tasks to prepare the system, you are ready to start installing IBM WebSphere MQ. To install a server, see Installing an IBM WebSphere MQ server. To install a client, see Installing an IBM WebSphere MQ client.