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SSL stash utility messages

This topic contains error messages that might result due to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) stash utility problems and provides solutions to help you troubleshoot these problems.

The following messages appear due to SSL Stash utility errors:

  • SSL0700S: Invalid function <function>
    • Reason: An invalid parameter was entered. The valid values are crl or crypto.
    • Solution: Rerun the command with the proper function.
  • SSL0701S: The password was not entered.
    • Reason: The password was not entered on the command line.
    • Solution: Rerun the command with the password added.
  • SSL0702S: Password exceeds the allowed length of 512.
    • Reason: The password that was entered is longer than the allowed maximum of 512 characters.
    • Solution: Use a shorter password.