Troubleshooting IBM HTTP Server

This section describes how to start troubleshooting IBM® HTTP Server.


  1. Check the error log to help you determine the type of problem. You can find the error logs in the directory specified by the ErrorLog directive in the configuration file. Depending on the operating system, the default directories are:
    • [AIX]/usr/IBM/HTTPServer/logs/error_log
    • [Linux][HP-UX][Solaris]/opt/IBM/HTTPServer/logs/error_log
    • [Windows] <server_root>/logs/error.log
    • [z/OS]<server_root>/logs/error_log
  2. Check the IBM HTTP Server Diagnostic Tools and Information package at for additional diagnostic information, as well as MustGather steps for some problems.
  3. Check the IBM HTTP Server support page at for technotes on a variety of topics.
  4. Ensure that you are running with the current level of fixes for your release of IBM HTTP Server. The problem may already be resolved. Find the IBM HTTP Server recommended updates page is at