Starting and stopping IBM HTTP Server

You can start or stop IBM® HTTP Server using the WebSphere® Application Server administrative console or using other methods depending on your platform.

Before you begin

[Linux][HP-UX][Solaris]You can configure your operating system to allow the log file for the IBM HTTP Server plug-in to exceed the typical two gigabytes size limit. To enable this functionality, add the USEPLUGINLARGEFILE environment variable to your operating system configuration settings, and set it to true, before you start the IBM HTTP Server. If you do not add this environment variable to your operating system settings, or if you set this environment variable to false, the log file is limited to 2 gigabytes.

[Linux][HP-UX][Solaris]Avoid trouble: Because not limiting the size of the log file might cause storage resources to be exhausted, if you decide to use this environment variable, you should periodically monitor the size of this log file.
[z/OS]Important: Before starting IBM HTTP Server, there are required z/OS® system configurations that you must perform.

About this task

You can choose the following methods to start and stop IBM HTTP Server:



IBM HTTP Server starts successfully.