Recording operational statistics

Use System Management Facilities (SMF) to record operational statistics for IBM® HTTP Server.

About this task

You can enable the recording of SMF type 103 subtype 13 records for IBM HTTP Server after you load the appropriate modules, set the appropriate directives, and update the SMFPRMxx parmlib member.
Table 1. SMF record 103.13 format
Bytes Description
0 - 3 Process ID
4 - 7 Number of ready threads
8 - 11 Number of busy threads
12 - 15 Number of reading threads
16 - 19 Number of writing threads
20 - 23 Number of logging threads
24 - 27 Number of domain name server threads
28 - 31 Number of closing threads
32 - 35 Number of keepalive threads
36 - 43 Number of KB transferred
44 - 51 Number of requests served
52 - 55 Length of server name
More than 56 Server name


  1. Identify the user ID where the IBM HTTP Server runs. Grant read authority to the BPX.SMF facility of the appropriate user ID.
  2. Verify that the mod_mpmstats and mod_status modules are loaded into the server.
  3. Enable the ExtendedStatus directive.

    The ExtendedStatus directive is set to on by default.

  4. Set the SMFReportInterval directive to the number of seconds between reports.
    SMFReportInterval 600

    If the server is not idle, the server writes records every interval. The default is 0. When the value for the directive is 0, no SMF records are written.

  5. Enable the recording of SMF type 103 subtype 13 records by editing the SMFPRMxx parmlib member.