Enabling access to the administration server using the htpasswd utility

The administration server is installed with authentication enabled. This means that the administration server will not accept a connection without a valid user ID and password. This is done to protect the IBM® HTTP Server configuration file from unauthorized access.


Launch the htpasswd utility that is shipped with the administration server. This utility creates and updates the files used to store user names and password for basic authentication of users who access your Web server. Locate htpasswd in the bin directory.
  • [Windows]htpasswd -cm install_dir\conf\admin.passwd [login name]
  • [Linux][AIX][HP-UX][Solaris]./htpasswd -cm install_dir/conf/admin.passwd [login name]
where install_dir is the IBM HTTP Server installation directory and login name is the user ID that you use to log into the administration server.


The password file is referenced in the admin.conf file with the AuthUserFile directive. For further information on authentication configuration, see the Apache Authentication, Authorization and Access Control documentation.