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Setting advanced SSL options

You can enable advanced security options such as: client authentication, setting and viewing cipher specifications, defining SSL for multiple-IP virtual hosts, and setting up a reverse proxy configuration with SSL.

About this task

After setting up secure connections, follow these instructions to enable advanced security options:


  1. Enable client authentication.
    If you enable client authentication, the server validates clients by checking for trusted certificate authority (CA) root certificates in the local key database.
  2. Set and view cipher specifications.
    Important: If you specify V3 or TLS ciphers and no SSL V2 ciphers, SSL V2 support is disabled. Also, if you specify SSL V2 ciphers and no SSL V3 or TLS ciphers, SSL V3 and TLS support is disabled.
  3. Define Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for multiple-IP virtual hosts.