Viable compilers for Apache and third-party plug-in modules

The server and accompanying modules are compiled with the compiler levels that are included in the following list. Other compilers might work, but testing is limited to the following environments:
  • [AIX]xlc V9
  • [HP-UX]HP_UXaC++ Compiler (A.03.xx)
  • [Linux]Linux® platforms:
    • Linux on Intel: gcc 3.3.3
    • Linux on POWER®: gcc 3.3.3
    • Linux on zSeries: gcc 3.3.3
  • [Solaris]SunWorkShop V5.0
  • [Windows]Microsoft Visual Studo 2013 (MSVCR120)
  • [z/OS]z/OS® V2R2 C/C++

The primary concern with determining whether a different compiler can be used is when the third-party module, or the libraries it uses, are implemented in C++. Different compiler versions might use different C++ application binary interfaces (ABI), in which case the behavior is undefined.