Uninstalling IBM HTTP Server for z/OS

Use IBM® Installation Manager to uninstall the product code for IBM HTTP Server for z/OS®.

Before you begin

Make sure that you no longer need IBM HTTP Server for z/OS.


  • Mount the file system containing the product code to be uninstalled at the installation location that Installation Manager used to install it.
  • Uninstall IBM HTTP Server by using one of the following options.
    • Edit and submit the BBO4UNIN job to uninstall IBM HTTP Server.

    • Manually run the Installation Manager imcl uninstall command.

      1. Log in to the Unix System Services shell under the Installation Manager user ID, and change the directory to the eclipse/tools subdirectory of the Installation Manager binaries location.
        For example:
        cd /InstallationManager/bin/eclipse/tools
      2. Run the imcl uninstall command.
        For example:
        imcl uninstall com.ibm.websphere.IHS.zOS.v90
          -installationDirectory /InstallationManager/products/IHSA/

        Uninstallation is complete when the Installation Manager completes without error messages.

        Logs for the uninstallation can be found in the logs subdirectory of the Installation Manager runtime data location.

  • When uninstallation is complete, delete any remaining files from the product location.