Installing IBM HTTP Server for WebSphere Application Server for z/OS

For z/OS® V2R1 and earlier, the code for IBM® HTTP Server for WebSphere® Application Server for z/OS is installed using IBM Installation Manager.

Before you begin

Install Installation Manager on your z/OS system. You must know the location of the binaries directory for the Installation Manager and have access to a user ID that can invoke the Installation Manager. See Installing Installation Manager on z/OS.

Access the product repository for IBM HTTP Server. See Accessing product repositories for installing IBM HTTP Server for z/OS.

About this task

The Installation Manager imcl install command is used to install all WebSphere Application Server for z/OS offerings.

New feature: This procedure uses several WebSphere Application Server for z/OS sample jobs. These jobs can be found in the BBO.SBBOJCL data set that is installed as part of FMID HBBO900. You can also download the sample jobs by following the instructions on the Sample jobs for WebSphere Application Server Version 9 on z/OS page.


  1. Choose an installation location for this copy of IBM HTTP Server.

    This copy of the product must be mounted at this location every time Installation Manager accesses it to install, uninstall, or modify it. This location does not have to be the same location at which the product is mounted when used in production. Installation Manager requires that every installed product or group of products have its own installation location.

    The following location is recommended, where level identifies either the service level of IBM HTTP Server or the purpose for this copy of the product, such as test:


  2. Edit and submit the BBO4CFS sample job to create a file system for this copy of IBM HTTP Server and mount the file system on your z/OS system.
  3. Install IBM HTTP Server by editing and submitting one of the following sample installation jobs.
    • BBO4INS: Install IBM HTTP Server from the web-based product and service repository.
    • BBO4INSL: Install IBM HTTP Server from local repositories.

    Product installation is complete when the Installation Manager completes without error messages.

    Logs for the installation can be found in the logs subdirectory of the Installation Manager runtime data location.

  4. Unmount the product file system and remount it read-only for use by nodes and servers.

    Product documentation and configuration tools assume that the product file system is mounted for use at the /usr/lpp/IHSA/V9R0 location.

What to do next

You can use Installation Manager to install the Web Server Plug-ins for WebSphere Application Server for z/OS .