Startup beans service settings

Use this page to enable startup beans that control whether application-defined startup beans function on this server. Startup beans are session beans that run business logic through the invocation of start and stop methods when applications start and stop. If the startup beans service is disabled, then the automatic invocation of the start and stop methods does not occur for deployed startup beans when the parent application starts or stops. This service is disabled by default. Enable this service only when you want to use startup beans. Startup beans are especially useful when used with asynchronous beans.

Deprecated feature: The capabilities provided with startup singleton session beans (EJB 3.1 specification) causes the WebSphere Application Server proprietary startup beans function to be deprecated.

To view this administrative console page, click Servers > Server types > WebSphere application servers > server_name. Under Container Settings, expand Container Services then click Startup beans service.

Enable service at server startup

Specifies whether the server attempts to initiate the startup beans service.

Information Value
Default Cleared
When the application server starts, it attempts to initiate the startup bean service automatically.
The server does not try to initiate the startup beans service. All startup beans do not start or stop with the application. If you use startup beans on this server, then the system administrator must start the startup beans service manually or select this property, and then restart the server.