Software components

Software components on Integrated Analytics System include the following services.

The appliance platform software consists of:
  • Operating systems, system services
    • Node OS, which includes RHEL 7.5 on M4002-001 model, and 7.4 on all other models
    • GPFS (IBM Spectrum Scale)
      • High performance, shared disk file management solution
      • Distributed parallel filesystem
    • Docker
      Note: In version, docker is replaced with Podman.

      In Podman-based containers, data cannot be copied from the host system into the container's /tmp partition. Use other partitions to copy any data from the host into the containers. Although the copy command (docker cp) does not throw any errors when copying the data into /tmp from the host system, no data is actually copied.

      • Software container platform
      • Reduces problems when software is deployed across multiple platforms
      • Enables an agile software delivery pipeline
    • NTP
  • Platform software and platform management components:
    • Platform Services (PFS)
      • Hardware provisioning
      • Resource Managers - monitoring hardware elements, reporting to Platform Manager
    • Platform utilities
    • Platform Manager
      • System management
      • System monitoring
      • Events and Alerts
    • RAS/Diagnostics
      • Common Logging
      • Service Procedure support
The appliance applications running in Podman containers include:
  • Db2® Warehouse

    Any client application that works with Db2 Warehouse will work identically with IBM® Integrated Analytics System (IAS).

    Any client application that works with Db2 Version 10.5 and later will work identically with Db2 Warehouse.

    IBM warrants that partner offerings that work with Db2 Version 10.5 and later will work identically with Db2 Warehouse/IBM Integrated Analytics System (IAS).

  • Web console powered by Data Server Manager
    • Reduces management complexity
    • Increases operational efficiency
  • Lift (not supported on M4002-001)
    • Allows you to quickly, securely, and reliably migrate tables and their data from your on-premise data center to a data center in the cloud.
    • Lift to cloud UI panel is available in the web console
  • Call Home
    • Secure mechanism to send service data to IBM
    • Platform for automated usage modeling