IBM Database Conversion Workbench (DCW)

IBM® Database Conversion Workbench (DCW) is a no-charge plug-in that adds database migration capabilities to IBM Data Studio.

You can download both IBM Data Studio and Database Conversion Workbench from the web console.

To assess the compatibility of your Oracle database or IBM PureData® System for Analytics (Netezza) database with Db2® and convert SQL, you can also use the free tool called IBM Database Harmony Profiler. If you are using Db2 Warehouse, you can download this tool by clicking Connect > Download Tools > Database Conversion Software in the web console. This tool is also included in the Db2 Warehouse client container. If you are using the tool that is in the Db2 Warehouse client container, you must run the tool script ( from inside the client container, from the cli prompt. To obtain the prompt, issue the following command:
docker exec -it client cli
To run the Database Conversion Workbench or the Database Harmony Profiler GUI tool to help migrate from PureData® System for Analytics to Db2, enter an input file name, select PureData Systems for Analytics as the source database and IBM Db2 Warehouse as the target database, and click Check Compatibility or Convert SQL. If you are using the script version of Database Harmony Profiler, evaluate compatibility or convert SQL by issuing one of the following commands from the location where you installed the tool: evaluate 6 input_file convert 6 input_file
The value 6 specifies that you are migrating from PureData System for Analytics to Db2.