IBM Tivoli Monitoring, Version 6.3 Fix Pack 2

Starting the Tivoli Enterprise Portal client

Log on to the Tivoli® Enterprise Portal Server to start a Tivoli Enterprise Portal work session.

Before you begin

The hub Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server and the portal server must be running for the portal client to start successfully. You also must have a valid user ID.

About this task

After you have successfully installed and configured all the components of your IBM® Tivoli Monitoring environment, you can verify the installation and configuration by launching the Tivoli Enterprise Portal to view monitoring data. You can access the portal using either the desktop client or the browser client. The default user ID is sysadmin.

The Tivoli Enterprise Portal client supports multiple monitor configurations. For example, if you have two display monitors, you can launch the Tivoli Enterprise Portal client in the secondary monitor and the dialogs, message pop-ups, and context menus are displayed in the same secondary monitor.