Release notes - IBM i2 Connect 1.0.2

IBM® i2® Connect 1.0.2 is available.



IBM i2 Connect helps organizations to increase the efficiency of their investigation and intelligence analysis activities by enabling users to search any data source and bring results directly into the familiar IBM i2 environment. IBM i2 Connect comprises IBM® i2® Analyst's Notebook Premium to connect to i2 Analyze, query external sources for data, and add records containing that data to their charts.


See the IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis product portfolio for a statement of general direction.

The WebSphere Liberty version that is included with Enterprise Insight Analysis has been patched to include iFix IFPH20847.

i2 Connect only supports the operating systems and supported software listed in the detailed system requirements. Ensure that existing deployments are upgraded to currently supported versions of all the software required. For more information about the software supported for the current release, see System Requirements.

Release highlights

This is a compatibility release.

Virtualization support

The products in the Intelligence Analysis Portfolio are supported on hardware virtualization environments that run any of the operating systems that are listed in the detailed system requirements. When you run in a virtual environment, any issues that can be replicated by IBM in a supported operating system are addressed by using the standard IBM support policy.

Known problems

The most up-to-date source for known problems in IBM i2 Connect is the HTML version of these release notes at

At the time of publication, the following problems were known:
Table 1. Analyst's Notebook Premium - Opal connector
Problem Description
Selected Charting Scheme is not updated When a change to the charting scheme is applied and then that change is undone, the styling changes are reversed on the chart surface, but the Charting Scheme selection remains unchanged.
Search results cannot be added to a chart If you attempt to add the results of a search to a chart when the search results are no longer cached on the server, you see the following message: Failed to copy records to the chart. To copy the results, run the search again.
Zoom level set to greater than 100% might cause blurring If the operating system zoom level is set to more than 100%, some of the text and symbols in Analyst's Notebook Premium might appear blurred.
Searching might become unavailable or fail in some circumstances In Analyst's Notebook Premium, if a search fails to complete or searching become unavailable, you are required to log in again.
Login prompt appears in a single sign-on environment In some situations, users are prompted to log in even when they are in a single sign-on environment.
Analyst's Notebook Premium can operate incorrectly because of client security settings Client security settings might prevent the correct operation of Analyst's Notebook Premium. Analyst's Notebook Premium might request confirmation that the connections are safe.
Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) version incompatibility can cause errors in third party plug-ins. Within an application process the CEF component is a singleton and as such can only be initialized once. Third party plug-ins that depend on a different version to the version running within the Analyst's Notebook Premium process might experience errors. To avoid these errors, use the same version of CEF contained in Analyst’s Notebook Premium and check whether CEF is already running before starting your plug-in.
Table 2. i2 Analyze - Opal services
Problem Description
Searches can stop running after i2 Analyze is restarted If the WebSphere® Liberty Application Server is restarted while searches are running, the search might time out. To prevent this issue, ensure that the HTTP server is restarted when you restart the Application Server.

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