Who should read this memorandum

The IBM® i 7.5 Memo to Users contains information that is critical for several audiences.

This memorandum has four sections:

  • Read this first provides information to be considered before you install IBM i 7.5. This section is intended for system and application programmers and for the person responsible for system management.
  • Operating system contains new release changes to basic operating system functions. This section includes changes to systems management functions, such as configuration and tailoring the system, and changes that could affect the way things operate or appear in the new release. This section is intended for all users of the IBM i.
  • Options provides information about new release changes that affect specific program options of the operating system. This section is intended for all users of the IBM i.
  • Licensed programs contains new release changes that might affect existing applications. These changes might also affect applications that are saved on an IBM i 7.5 system to be restored on a previous release server. This section is intended for application programmers and system programmers who use the IBM i and its licensed programs, as well as for businesses with complex networks or application development businesses that have systems at different releases.