Prerequisite and related information

Use the IBM® Documentation site as your starting point for looking up IBM i technical information.

The IBM Docs site contains information about important topics such as Java™(TM), TCP/IP, Web serving, secured networks, logical partitions, high availability, control language (CL) commands, system application programming interfaces (APIs), and IBM i Services. It also includes links to related IBM Redbooks® and Internet links to other IBM web sites such as the IBM home page.

With every new hardware order, you receive the IBM i Access Client Solutions CD. IBM i Access Client Solutions replaces its predecessor IBM i Access for Windows. IBM i Access Client Solutions may be used for console connections and is capable of running directly from the CD. See the Getting Started document in the Documentation directory on the IBM i Access Client Solutions CD for more information. The IBM i Access Family offers client/server capabilities for connecting personal computers to IBM i.

The IBM i Prerequisite tool provides compatibility information for hardware features and helps to plan a successful system upgrade by providing prerequisite information for currently available features and features to be added to the system at a later date.

The IBM i Prerequisite site can be accessed here: