How to code to use System TLS

System TLS is accessible to application developers from the following programming interfaces and JSSE implementation.

  • Global Security Kit (GSKit) APIs

  • Integrated IBM® i SSL_ APIs
    • These ILE C APIs are accessible from other ILE languages.
    • Do not code to this deprecated interface. This API set does not provide the newer security features available in GSKit, which is the recommended C interface.

  • Integrated IBM i JSSE implementation
    • The IBM i JSSE implementation is available for JDK 8 and JDK 11. This implementation is known as in the provider list.

TLS applications that are created by IBM, IBM Business Partners, independent software vendors (ISV), or customers that use one of the three System TLS interfaces previously listed use System TLS. For example, FTP and Telnet are IBM applications that use System TLS. Not all TLS enabled applications that run on IBM i use System TLS.