Creating EIM identifiers for two administrators, John Day and Sharon Jones

As part of setting up your single sign-on test environment, you need to create EIM identifiers for two of your administrators so they can both log on to IBM® i using their Windows user identities.

In this scenario, you create two EIM identifiers, one named John Day and the other named Sharon Jones. To create the EIM identifiers, follow these steps:
  1. In IBM Navigator for i on System A, expand Security > Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM).
  2. Click Domain Management.
  3. On the Connect to EIM Domain Controller dialog box, provide the following information and click OK.
    • User type: Distinguished name
    • Distinguished name: cn=administrator
    • Password: mycopwd
  4. Right-click MyCoEimDomain and select Open.
  5. Right-click Identifiers and select Open.
  6. From the Actions menu, select New Identifier.
  7. In the New EIM Identifier dialog box, enter John Day in the EIM identifier field. Click OK.
  8. Repeat steps 6 through 7, but enter Sharon Jones in the EIM identifier field.