Synchronizing system times

Network authentication service uses 5 minutes (300 seconds) as the default for the maximum amount of time that system times can be different. You can change the clock difference by working with the network authentication service properties.

Before synchronizing system times, use the QTIMZON system value to set your system time according to your time zone. You can synchronize these system times by changing the time that is set on the Kerberos server or use the QTIME system value to change the IBM® i system time. However, to keep system times in a network synchronized, you should configure Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP). SNTP allows multiple systems to base their time on a single time server.

To configure SNTP, complete the following steps:
  • To configure SNTP on a IBM i platform, enter CHGNTPA on a command line.
  • To configure SNTP on Windows systems, use NET HELP TIME to display configuration information for an SNTP server.