Completing the planning work sheets

Before configuring network authentication service, complete these planning work sheets.

All answers on the prerequisite work sheet should be Yes before you proceed with network authentication service setup.

Table 1. Prerequisite work sheet
Questions Answers
Are the following licensed programs installed on System A:
  • IBM® i Host Servers (5770-SS1 Option 12)
  • Qshell Interpreter (5770-SS1 Option 30)
  • Network Authentication Enablement (5770-NAE)
Have you installed Windows on your PCs? Yes
Do you have *SECADM, *ALLOBJ, and *IOSYSCFG special authorities? Yes
Do you have one of the following installed on the secure system that will act as a Kerberos server? If so, which one?
  1. Windows server
  2. AIX® Server
  3. PASE for i
  4. z/OS®
Yes, Windows server
Are all your PCs in your network configured in a Windows domain?
Note: A Windows domain is similar to a Kerberos realm.
Have you applied the latest program temporary fixes (PTFs)? Yes
Is the IBM i system time within five minutes of the Kerberos server's system time? If not, see Synchronizing system times. Yes
Table 2. Network authentication service planning work sheet
Questions Answers
What is the name of the Kerberos default realm to which your system will belong?
Note: A Windows domain is similar to a Kerberos realm.
Are you using Microsoft Active Directory? Yes
What is the Kerberos server for this Kerberos default realm? What is the port on which the Kerberos server listens?
Port: 88
Note: This is the default port for the Kerberos server.
Do you want to configure a password server for this default realm? If yes, answer the following questions:
What is name of the password server for this Kerberos server?
What is the port on which the password server listens?
Port: 464
Note: This is the default port for the password server.
For which services do you want to create keytab entries?
  • IBM i Kerberos authentication
  • LDAP
  • IBM HTTP Server
  • IBM i NetServer
  • IBM i Network File System (NFS) Server
  • IBM i Network FTP Server
  • IBM i ObjectConnect Server
IBM i Kerberos Authentication
What is the password that you want to use for your IBM i service principals? systema123
Do you want to create a batch file to automate adding the service principals to Microsoft Active Directory? Yes
What are the IBM i user profiles names for John Day and Sharon Jones?