You can reinforce integrity by signing software objects that you use.

A key component of security is integrity: being able to trust that objects on the system have not been tampered with or altered. Your IBM® i operating system software is protected by digital signatures.

Signing your software object is particularly important if the object has been transmitted across the Internet or stored on media which you feel might have been modified. The digital signature can be used to detect if the object has been altered.

Digital signatures, and their use for verification of software integrity, can be managed according to your security policies using the Verify Object Restore (QVFYOBJRST) system value, the Check Object Integrity (CHKOBJITG) command, and the Digital Certificate Manager tool. Additionally, you can choose to sign your own programs (all licensed programs shipped with the system are signed).

You can restrict adding digital signatures to a digital certificate store using the Add Verifier API and restrict resetting passwords on the digital certificate store. System Service Tools (SST) provides a new menu option, entitled "Work with system security" where you can restrict adding digital certificates.