Verifying packet rules

You always need to verify your rules before you activate them. This ensures that the rules can be activated without problems.

When you verify your packet rules, the system checks them for syntax and semantic errors and reports the results in a message window at the bottom of the Packet Rules Editor. For error messages that are associated with a specific file and line number, you can right-click the error and select Go To Line to highlight the error in the file you are editing.

Before using the verify function, you might want to consider viewing your packet rules to check for visible errors. You cannot activate the rules that have syntactical errors. The verify function checks for errors of a syntactical nature. The system cannot verify whether you have ordered your rules correctly. You must check for rule order manually. Packet rules are order-dependent, which means that you must order the rules the way that you want them applied. If you order them incorrectly, you will not get the intended result.

For instructions on how to verify packet rules, use the Packet Rules Editor online help.