Including files in packet rules

By using the Include feature of the Packet Rules Editor, you can activate more than one packet rules file on your system.

Using multiple files makes it much easier for you to work with your rules. Especially, if you need a large number of rules to control traffic on multiple interfaces. For example, you might want to use a group of rules on multiple interfaces.

You can create this group within an individual file. Instead of rewriting the rules every time you want to use them in other files, you can include them in the master file. The master file is the file that can be active at any given time. You only need to use the include feature to add the rules to your master file.

When creating include files, you might want to keep your NAT rules for an interface separate from your filter rules for that interface. However, only one file can be active at any given time.

When you create a new rules file, you can include any existing files as part of the new file. Before you do this, you should create the new filter rules you want to use. Whenever you create a rule, you should file (group) them by type. This way you do not need to re-create the rules that you have used before. You can just include or remove them as needed.

For instructions on how to include a file in your rules, use the Packet Rules Editor online help.