Backing up packet rules

By backing up your packet rules files, you can save your time and work to re-create them in the event of a loss.

These are general tips you can use to ensure that you have an easy way to replace the lost files:

Print out the filter rules
You can store the printouts wherever they are most likely to be secure and reenter the information as necessary. Printouts are also useful if you need to search for an error in a filter rule.

For instructions on how to print your packet rules, use the Packet Rules Editor online help.

Copy the information to a disk
Copying has an advantage over printouts: rather than reentering manually, the information exists electronically. It provides you a straightforward method for transporting information from one online source to another.
Note: Your system copies information to the system disk, not to a diskette. The rules files are stored in the integrated file system on the IBM® i platform, not on a personal computer. You can use a disk protection method as a backup means for protecting the data that is stored on the system disk.

When using a IBM i platform, you must plan a backup and recovery strategy.