Creating an independent disk pool

To create an independent disk pool, you can use the PowerHA® graphical interface, the Configuration and Service graphical interface, or the Configure Device ASP (CFGDEVASP) command.

The Configure Device ASP (CFGDEVASP) command can be used to create a new independent disk pool. For more information on the command, see CFGDEVASP (Configure Device ASP) command.

Note: Add independent disk pools when your system is fully restarted. If you must use the New Disk Pool wizard in the dedicated service tools (DST) mode, you need to create an associated device description for the independent disk pool when the system is fully restarted. Use the Create Device Description (ASP) (CRTDEVASP) command to create the device description. Name the device description and resource name the same as you name the independent disk pool. You can use the Work with Device Descriptions (WRKDEVD) command to verify that the device description and independent disk pool name match.