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Product manuals, IBM® Redbooks® publications, websites, and other information center topic collections contain information that relates to the High availability topic collection. You also can find related information about implementing independent disk pools, PowerHA® technologies, and disaster recovery. You can view or print any of the PDF files.

IBM Redbooks


  • High availability with IBM PowerHALink outside information center This is the IBM site for High Availability and Clusters for i, UNIX, and Linux®.
  • IBM iLink outside Information Center
  • IBM StorageLink outside Information Center
  • Link outside Information Center
  • IBM Techdocs Library Link outside Information Center

    This site gives you access to the most current installation, planning, and technical support information available from IBM pre-sales support, and is constantly updated. Look for the latest and greatest technical documents on high availability, independent disk pools, SAP, JD Edwards, etc.

  • Learning Services USLink outside information center

    This is the IBM site for IT product training, custom solutions, and e-Learning. You can search for courses that are offered on clustering and independent disk pools.

  • Performance Management on IBM iLink outside Information Center
  • Recommended fixesLink outside information center

    This site provides links to available PTFs for several IBM i products. For PTFs related to high availability, select the topic High Availability: Cluster, IASP, XSM, and Journal.

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