Db2 for IBM i

Db2® for i is the relational database manager that is fully integrated on your system. Because it is integrated on the system, Db2 for i is easy to use and manage.

The Db2 for i database also provides many functions and features, such as triggers, stored procedures, and dynamic bitmapped indexing, that serve a wide variety of application types. These applications range from traditional host-based applications to client/server solutions to business intelligence applications.

As an interface to Db2 for i, the IBM® Db2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for i licensed program adds an interactive query and report writing interface, together with precompilers and tools, to help you write Structured Query Language (SQL) application programs in high-level languages. Conforming to the industry standard SQL, the SQL implementation for the IBM i operating system allows you to define, manipulate, query, and control access to your data. It works equally well with IBM i files and SQL tables.