IBM i concepts

IBM® i is the operating system for the IBM i platform. It manages hardware and software resources, and provides an interface that you can use to work with the system. To best use the operating system, you need to be familiar with some system concepts.

Basic work management

Jobs All work done by the operating system is divided into units called jobs. Learn about the types of jobs, and how to find, monitor, and work with them on the system.
Subsystems, queues, and memory pools Control work on the system by working with the resources used to process jobs.
Objects Everything on the system that can be worked with is considered an object. Objects provide a common interface for working with system components. Learn about the different kinds of objects and how to work with them.

System maintenance

Logs and journals Record keeping is an important way for the system to protect data and track system problems. Learn what logs and journals are for and how to use them.
Software fixes Recent versions of IBM i software add functions and solve known problems. Learn how to install and manage software and software updates.

Additional reference information can be found in the IBM glossary.