Copy Services Management (CSM) Storage Controller

The Copy Services Management (CSM) storage controller

Copy Services Manager (CSM) controls copy services in storage environments. Copy services are features used by storage systems such as IBM® DS8000® to configure, manage, and monitor data-copy functions. Copy services include Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, and HyperSwap with Global Mirror.

PowerHA uses configuration descriptions to connect to CSM servers to access and manage copy service functions of key external storage components by providing connection and authentication information.

Prerequisites for using CSM on an IBM i for communications with the storage units include:
  • Copy Services Manager (CSM) server
  • 5770-SS1 Base operating system option 3 - Extended Base Directory Support
  • 5770-SS1 Base operating system option 33 - Portable Application Solutions Environment
Note: In some instances both DSCLI and CSM are used in combination where DSCLI is used for Flash Copy and LUN Level Switching, and Copy Services manager is used for managing the replication of Metro Mirror or Global Mirror.

For additional information, see the IBM Copy Services Manager section of the DS8870 Knowledge Center.