Enterprise Identity Mapping APIs

Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM) provides the mechanics for cross-platform user identity management. EIM has multiple application programming interfaces (APIs) that applications can use to conduct EIM operations on behalf of the application or an application user.

You can use these APIs to conduct identity mapping lookup operations, various EIM management and configuration functions, as well as information changes and query capabilities. Each of these APIs are supported across IBM® platforms.

EIM APIs fall into multiple categories, as follows:

  • EIM handle and connection operations
  • EIM domain administration
  • Registry operations
  • EIM identifier operations
  • EIM association management
  • EIM mapping lookup operations
  • EIM authorization management

Applications that use these APIs to manage or use the EIM information in an EIM domain typically adhere to the following programming model:

  1. Get an EIM handle
  2. Connect to an EIM domain
  3. Normal application processing
  4. Use an EIM administration or EIM identity mapping lookup operation API
  5. Normal application processing
  6. Before ending, destroy the EIM handle