Performing switchovers

Switchovers can be performed to test the high availability solution or to handle a planned outage for the primary node, such as a backup operation or scheduled system maintenance.

Performing a manual switchover causes the current primary node to switch over to the first backup node. The recovery domain of the cluster resource group defines these roles. When a switchover occurs, the roles of the nodes that are currently defined in the recovery domain change such that:

  • The current primary node is assigned the role of last active backup.
  • The current first backup is assigned the role of primary node.
  • Subsequent backups are moved up one in the order of backups.

A switchover is only allowed on application, data, and device CRGs that have a status of Active.

Note: If you are performing a switchover on a device CRG, you should synchronize the user profile name, UID, and GID for performance reasons. Cluster administrative domain simplifies synchronization of user profiles.

The selected cluster resource group is now switched to the backup node. The Status column is updated with the new node name.