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CCSID 1388 conversion update

This table lists the updated characters for CCSID 1388 to support GBK-2015.

CCSID 1388 is updated to support GBK-2015 which includes the support for surrogate pairs. There are 25 changed character mappings from 1388 to Unicode which includes 6 characters that now map to a surrogate pair in Unicode. There are 200 new characters in 1388, of which, 197 characters map to a surrogate pair in Unicode.

The changed characters include the following (in hexadecimal):
CCSID 1388 IBM Unicode character value IBM Unicode original character value1
465C 1E3F E7C7
CE57 D840DC87 E816
CE58 D840DC89 E817
CE59 D840DCCC E818
CE5F 9FB4 E81E
CE67 9FB5 E826
CE6C 9FB6 E82B
CE6D 9FB7 E82C
CE72 D845DDD7 E831
CE73 9FB8 E832
CE85 9FB9 E843
CE96 9FBA E854
CD97 D850DDFE E855
CEA6 9FBB E864
FC90 FE10 E78D
FC91 FE12 E78E
FC92 FE11 E78F
FC93 FE13 E790
FC94 FE14 E791
FC95 FE15 E792
FC96 FE16 E793
FC97 FE17 E794
FC98 FE18 E795
FC99 FE19 E796
  1. CCSID 1388 originally mapped to the value in the IBM Unicode original character value column prior to IBM® i 7.5. Releases prior to 7.5 updated the character mapping with APAR MA48130.

    If the original mapping is needed, use CCSID 13676.

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