Configuring Kerberos server in IBM i PASE

To configure a Kerberos server on IBM® i PASE on System A, use the information from your planning work sheets.

Follow these steps to configure a Kerberos server on IBM i PASE:
  1. In a character-based interface, enter call QP2TERM.
    This command opens an interactive shell environment that allows you to work with IBM i PASE applications.
  2. At the command line, enter export PATH=$PATH:/usr/krb5/sbin.
    This command points to the Kerberos scripts that are necessary to run the executable files.
  3. At the command line, enter config.krb5 -S -d -r MYCO.COM, where -d is the DNS of your network and -r is the realm name.
    (In this example, is the DNS name and MYCO.COM is the realm name.) This command updates the krb5.config file with the domain name and realm for the Kerberos server, creates the Kerberos database within the integrated file system, and configures the Kerberos server in IBM i PASE. You will be prompted to add the following passwords:
    • database Master Password: pasepwd
    • admin/admin principal password: secret
  4. Press F3 (Exit) to exit the PASE environment.