Plan for a Attended IPL - Sign-on required at DST

During an attended (manual) IPL, the user will be required to sign in to DST. Any valid service tool ID with the service tool privileges listed below is required:
  • Dedicated Service Tools (DST) environment
  • Operating system initial program load (IPL)
  • Install

QSECOFR is the suggested service tool ID to be used. It is important that the current QSECOFR ID password is known. If the QSECOFR ID password is not known, reset the password before starting the LIC install, using the XPF command CHGDSTPWD PASSWORD(*DEFAULT). If a valid service tool ID is not known, a scratch install may be necessary.

Important: The 11111111 (eight 1's) ID and the 22222222 (eight 2's) service tools user IDs are removed on IBM® i 7.5. If your current connection uses these Service Tool User IDs, the install upgrade requires entering and using the QSECOFR ID (which has the default password QSECOFR).

Recovery: If the Console Information Status screen is shown with the message Service Tool User ID does not exist or password incorrect, then press F12 which will display the DST Sign On screen, where the ID QSECOFR and the password QSECOFR can be entered.

The Service Tool QSECOFR ID is shipped as expired but does not need to be changed during the D-mode IPL for a new install. On the following A-mode IPL (if this is a new install), the password needs to be changed before the partition can be IPLed or the OS installed. If this is a release upgrade, the current partition QSECOFR ID password is required and the above recovery may be needed. On an upgrade, the recovery can use any valid Service Tool ID and password.

Important: During an attended IPL of the system, if no console has been specified previously, two extra screens are displayed to confirm the setting of the console type:
  1. A screen that requires pressing F10 to accept your current console type
  2. A screen that shows that a value did not previously exist (a zero is present for the old value) and the new value is shown

    Pressing Enter exits and sets the console type automatically.

The IPL continues to the "IPL or Install the System" screen.

Having no console specified previously is most likely to occur during the installation of a new partition, but might happen on your first attended IPL of IBM i 7.5. For example, when a console value of zero is found during the A-mode IPL during an upgrade or install (following the restore of Licensed Internal Code).