Special authority

Special authority is used to specify the types of actions a user can perform on system resources. A user can be given one or more special authorities.

Add User prompt:
Not shown
CL parameter:
100 (10 characters per special authority)
To give a special authority to a user profile, you must have that special authority.
Table 1. Possible values for SPCAUT:
Value Description
*USRCLS Special authorities are granted to this user based on the user class (USRCLS) field in the user profile and the security level (QSECURITY) system value. If *USRCLS is specified, no additional special authorities can be specified for this user.

If you specify *USRCLS when you create or change a user profile, the system puts the correct special authorities in the profile as if you had entered them. When you display profiles, you cannot tell whether special authorities were entered individually or entered by the system based on the user class.

Table 1 shows the default special authorities for each user class.

*NONE No special authority is granted to this user.
special-authority-name Specify one or more special authorities for the user.