Failover message queue

The failover message queue receives messages regarding failover activity for CRGs within an IBM® i cluster.

Using the failover message queue allows an administrator to be notified before a failover occurs. This gives the administrator the ability to cancel the failover if the desired behavior is to prevent the failover at this time. The failover message queue provides messages for each CRG defined within a cluster. You can use IBM i watch support to monitor the failover message queue.

The failover message queue is defined when creating a cluster resource group using the Cluster Resource Service graphical interface in IBM Navigator for i. You can also specify a failover message queue with the CRTCRG (Create Cluster Resource Group) command and the CHGCRG (Change Cluster Resource Group) command.
Note: To use the Cluster Resource Service graphical interface or the CL commands, you must have IBM PowerHA® SystemMirror® for i licensed program installed.

It can also be modified using native IBM i cluster resource group APIs. Further details on these APIs can be found in the Cluster Resource Group API information.