Cluster partition

Within IBM® i high availability environments, a cluster partition is a subset of the active cluster nodes which results from a communications failure. Members of a partition maintain connectivity with each other.

A cluster partition occurs in a cluster whenever communication is lost between one or more nodes in the cluster and a failure of the lost nodes cannot be confirmed. When a cluster partition condition is detected, cluster resource services limits the types of actions that you can perform on the nodes in the cluster partition. Restricting function during a partition is done so cluster resource services will be able to merge the partitions once the problem that caused it has been fixed.

Certain CRG operations are restricted when a cluster is partitioned. For details on which operations are restricted for each type of partition, see Cluster Resource Group APIs.

If a cluster administrative domain is partitioned, changes will continue to be synchronized among the active nodes in each partition. When the nodes are merged back together again, the cluster administrative domain will propagate all changes made in every partition so that the resources are consistent within the active domain. You can also specify the rejoin behavior for cluster administrative domain.