System registry definitions

A system registry definition is an entry that you create in Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM) to represent and describe a distinct user registry within a workstation or server.

You can create an EIM system registry definition for a user registry when the registry in the enterprise has one of the following traits:

  • The registry is provided by an operating system, such as AIX®, IBM® i, or a security management product such as z/OS® Security Server Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®).
  • The registry contains user identities that are unique to a specific application, such as Lotus Notes®.
  • The registry contains distributed user identities, such as Kerberos principals or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) distinguished names.

EIM lookup operations perform correctly regardless of whether an EIM administrator defines a registry either as system or application. However, separate registry definitions allow mapping data to be managed on an application basis. The responsibility of managing application-specific mappings can be assigned to an administrator for a specific registry.