Troubleshooting browser problems

Use the following table to help you troubleshoot some of the more common browser-related problems that you may encounter while working with Digital Certificate Manager (DCM).

Problem Possible Solution
The browser does not let you select a different certificate until you start a new browser session. Begin a new browser session.
You received a browser warning that the system name and system certificate do not match. Some browsers do different things for uppercase and lowercase matching on system names. Type the URL with the same case as the system certificate shows. Or, create the system certificate with the case that matches what most users use. Unless you know what you are doing, it is best to leave the server name or system name as it was. You must also check that your domain name server is set up correctly.
The browser continues to tell the user that the CA is not trusted. Use DCM to set the CA status to enabled to mark the CA as trusted.
The browser requests reject the connection for HTTPS. This is a problem with the browser function or its configuration. The browser chose not to connect to a site that is using a system certificate that might be self-signed or may not be valid for some other reason.