Queries that compare a numeric value with blanks or an empty string will fail with SQLSTATE/SQLCODE ‘22023’/-302 or '53045'/-678

Previously, a query that included an incompatible comparison between a numeric value and blank(s) or a numeric value and an empty string would not result in an SQL failure.

Blank characters and empty strings are both incompatible with numeric values. Any such queries will now fail with SQLSTATE: '22023'/-302 or '53045'/-678.

This change was also made in previous releases with IBM® i 7.4 PTF SI76030 and IBM i 7.3 PTF SI76035.

Note: The QIBM_QUERY_CONVERT_BLANK_TO_0 environment variable added to IBM i 7.4 and IBM i 7.3 to allow users to revert back to the incorrect behavior and allow for the comparison of empty strings or blanks to numeric fields, is not supported on IBM i 7.5.