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Db2 Mirror suspend due to storage threshold

Db2® Mirror for i 7.5 with Db2 Mirror for IBM® i PTF Group SF99951 level 4 enables new Db2 Mirror Health Monitor capabilities. The Health Monitor is a feature of Db2 Mirror that is used to continuously monitor for any issues that might arise relating to the Db2 Mirror environment and act when an issue is detected.

One resource the Health Monitor watches is the amount of available storage remaining. It monitors the amount of storage remaining in *SYSBAS and for each registered database independent auxiliary storage pool (IASP). When the available storage remaining drops below three percent, replication is suspended. The replication detail of one of the nodes will show: (8690) - Suspended due to storage threshold reached. The storage issue must be resolved before active replication can be resumed.

The shipped default setting for available storage threshold is three percent. This threshold is configurable and can be defined by using the AVAILABLE_STORAGE_THRESHOLD parameter of the QSYS2.CHANGE_MIRROR_HEALTH_MONITOR SQL procedure for *SYSBAS and each database IASP registered with Db2 Mirror. Suspending due to an available storage threshold reached can be disabled by using the special value, NONE, for the parameter value.

For more information about the QSYS2.CHANGE_MIRROR_HEALTH_MONITOR procedure, see

For more information about the Db2 Mirror Health Monitor, see

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