IBM MQ and Db2 Mirror

IBM® MQ has limited support for Db2® Mirror.

The IBM MQ LPPs (5724H72, 5724L26 and 5725M50) can be cloned in a Db2 Mirror environment as well as Queue Manager configuration data (both libraries and IFS). However, IBM MQ is not available in an active/active configuration. You cannot configure and start the same queue manager on both nodes in a Db2 Mirror environment. Additionally, an IBM MQ Queue Manager should not be configured to use a Db2 Mirror IFS IASP as its data directory. High availability solutions such as PowerHA® can be used to provide availability of IBM MQ Queue Managers as well as native MQ solutions such as Clustering.

With Db2 Mirror, the same Queue Manager can exist on both nodes, but the Queue Manager can only be active on one node. The user or administrator needs to manage shifting the active Queue Manager between nodes keeping in mind that it will now be running on a system with a different system name. Remotely connected applications need to account for this. Local applications that were previously running on the failed system can be restarted on the now active system and interact with Queue Manager objects as before.